Capital Markets

& Derivatives

Capital Markets & Derivatives

The Firm assists and advises its clients on a full range of capital markets transactions, including:

  • public and private debt and equity securities offerings, as well as complex and hybrid securities issuances (such as subordinated debt and preferred shares)
  • securities lending and repo transactions
  • credit derivative issuances (options, swaps, warrants, etc.…)
  • euro private placements

The team advises on both English and French law issues in this practice area.

LATEST NEWS IN Capital Markets & Derivatives

Best Lawyers® 2021

2 partners has been elected “Lawyer of the Year 2021 – France” : Christine Le Bihan-Graf, in Energy Law Corentin Coatalem, in Derivatives 38 lawyers of De Pardieu [...]

Getting the Deal Through: Structured Finance & Securitisation 2020

Olivier Hubert, partner, has written the French chapter of the international guide "Getting the Deal Through: Structured Finance & Securitisation" Lexology, March 2020. To read the chapter, [...]

LATEST RANKINGS IN Capital Markets & Derivatives

Chambers Europe - Capital Markets Derivates 2013/2020

Chambers Europe 2013 / 2020: Capital Market Derivatives (Band 3) What the team is known for : Best known for handling a variety of domestic derivatives matters, boasting particular expertise in the [...]

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Chambers Europe - Banking & Finance 2012/2020

Chambers Europe 2012 / 2020: Banking & Finance (Band 2) What the team is known for : Offers notable capabilities across the full range of banking and finance matters, including debt [...]

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