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Advising Groupe Familial Fribourg and Columbus Holding on a long-term reorganization shareholder base

De Pardieu Brocas Maffei has advised Groupe Familial Fribourg and Colombus Holding on a reorganization of Columbus Holding’s long-term shareholder base, set-up in October 2015 by  Michaël  Fribourg  and Chargeurs’ reference shareholder since that date.

Following this capital reorganisation:

  • Groupe Familial Fribourg is now Colombus Holding’s controlling shareholder;
  • Groupama, a French mutual insurance group, has become a shareholder of Colombus Holding;
  • as  well  as  renewing  their  investment  in  the  capital  of  Groupe  Familial  Fribourg, CM-CIC  Investissement  and BNP Paribas Développement will also remain shareholders of Colombus Holding

To achieve the reorganization, Groupe Familial Fribourg acquired the Colombus Holding shares held by Effi Invest II and CM-CIC  Investissement  and  BNP  Paribas  Développement  contributed Colombus Holding  shares  to  Groupe Familial

Fribourg in exchange for newly issued Groupe Familial Fribourg shares.

This strengthening of Groupe Familial Fribourg’s capital base with the support of historical institutional shareholders and the  new investment  by a blue-chip  long-term shareholder in  the  capital of Colombus Holding  attests  to  a high  level of confidence  in  the  ability  of  the  Chargeurs  Group,  a  benchmark  player  in  high  value-added  niche  markets,  to  create significant industrial and shareholder value over the long-term. Colombus Holding does not intend to change its current stake in Chargeurs.

In line with Groupe Familial Fribourg’s management standards and its very long-term strategy of investing to optimize its assets’ operational leverage, the transaction was largely self-financed, without taking on much in the way of debt.

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