An international

law firm


De Pardieu Brocas Maffei has a highly regarded international business practice, and has longstanding experience handling numerous major cross-border transactions.

The Firm’s partners and associates have, for the most part, acquired international experience either during their studies or over the course of their careers, having frequently had the opportunity to work in other jurisdictions.

In addition, De Pardieu Brocas Maffei has a solid international referral network, which it has built up over the years, and which includes law firms located in the principal international financial centers.

The Firm maintains close relationships with its referral firms as a result of the work they handle together, the secondment of associates, and knowledge sharing through regular joint meetings.

The Firm’s clients benefit from this international referral network, whose member firms provide high level advice regardless of the jurisdiction involved, with thorough knowledge of the local market. Generally, the Firm remains the key contact for the client and coordinates the interaction between the different jurisdictions involved. With one team and one primary contact, the Firm can seamlessly manage cross-border matters.

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