De Pardieu Brocas Maffei reinforces its strategic expertise through the promotion of 4 in-house talents to partners

Grégoire Balland
Corporate / Mergers & Acquisitions

Nicolas Bricaire
Real Estate Transactions

Matthieu Candia
Corporate / Mergers & Acquisitions / Private Equity

Marie-Caroline Fauchille Casset
Real Estate Transactions

De Pardieu Brocas Maffei, a French independent Business law firm, announces the cooptation as partners of four of its associates:

  • Nicolas Bricaire and Marie-Caroline Fauchille Casset in the Real Estate department,
  • Grégoire Balland and Matthieu Candia in the Corporate M&A / Private Equity department.

“These promotions clearly reflect our Firm’s dynamic. They express our collective desire to prepare for the future by appointing young talents and reinforcing our service offering in the strategic sectors of business law” comments Emmanuel Fatôme, Managing Partner at De Pardieu Brocas Maffei.

The Real Estate Department, headed by Paul Talbourdet and Emmanuel Fatôme, partners, thus consolidates its prominent position in the sector with the appointment of two new partners in real estate transactions.

The team, now comprising 7 partners, 3 counsels and 18 associates, intervenes in all development and investment operations, acquisitions and sales of any kind of real estate assets, incorporation of investment funds and structures, real estate construction and development operations, setting-up and mergers of real estate companies and  real estate financings.

According to Paul Talbourdet: “The promotion of Nicolas Bricaire and Marie-Caroline Fauchille to partners, who both made their entire career development in our firm, is a source of great satisfaction. It gives our clients younger, very experienced interlocutors who are already recognized in their practice area. It confirms the Real Estate Department’s ambition to position itself as a long-term market leader.”

The Corporate M&A / Private Equity department reinforces and completes its expertise with the appointment of Grégoire Balland, specializing in Real Estate corporate transactions, and Matthieu Candia, specializing in Private Equity, as partners.

The team now comprising 12 partners, 1 counsel and 27 associates, assists clients at all the stages of their development (external growth strategy, sale of business, implementation of complex operations, definition and establishment of the corporate governance).

Multidisciplinary, the team intervenes in all types of M&A transactions: sales, mergers and acquisitions; stock operations (OPA/OPE, block sales, issuances of securities, PtoP, etc.); listed companies’ regulation and governance; private equity; restructurings, joint-ventures, etc.

“Matthieu Candia’s promotion to partner is a major landmark for the Private Equity practice at De Pardieu, consistent with his strong dedication at my side over the past ten years. It allows our law firm to have a new dynamic and gifted anchor point,  in a booming market and should contribute to strengthen the development of the practice” comments Jean-François Pourdieu, partner.

“Grégoire Balland’s promotion to partner reinforces our service offering aimed at all the operators of the Real Estate sector and rejuvenates our partners team, developing an M&A expertise in this sector, within multidisciplinary integrated teams combining Mergers and Acquisitions, Business law, Tax and Real Estate transactions” adds Nicolas Favre, Partner.      

With more than 150 lawyers – including 38 partners and 14 counsels – De Pardieu Brocas Maffei demonstrates, with these promotions, its desire to continue to provide its clients with a value-added service offering.


Grégoire Balland, 39, is a member of the Paris Bar (2010) and of the New York Bar  (2009). He holds a LL.M. degree from Cornell Law School (2008) and a master’s degree in financial law from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (2007).

He specializes in mergers and acquisitions and corporate law, in particular, in the real estate sector. He advises French and foreign operators and investors, listed and non-listed, in the context of acquisitions and sales of real estate assets and real estate portfolios (share deals) and in the context of the setting-up of structured partnerships, in all areas of the real estate industry.

He joined De Pardieu Brocas Maffei in 2008 as an associate and was appointed as Counsel in 2018.

Nicolas Bricaire, 40, is a member of the Paris Bar since 2008. He graduated from ESCP-EAP (2006) and holds a master’s degree in Business law from the University of Paris XI Sceaux (2005).

He specializes in real estate transactions and, more precisely, in the structuring of real estate investment, promotion and development operations. He assists French groups as well as international investors.

He joined De Pardieu Brocas Maffei in 2008 as an associate and was appointed as Counsel in 2018.

Matthieu Candia, 36, is a member of the New York Bar (2012) and the Paris Bar (2013). He holds a LL.M degree (Master of Law) in corporate law (UCLA, 2011) and a post-graduate degree (DEA) in Anglo-American Business law from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (2010).

He specializes in mergers and acquisitions / private equity and mainly advises private equity funds, senior executives and managers with respect to leveraged buyout transactions. He also advises industrial and service groups in the context of their sale and purchase transactions, in France and abroad.

He joined De Pardieu Brocas Maffei in 2011 and was appointed as Counsel in 2019.

Marie-Caroline Fauchille Casset, 35, is a member of the Paris Bar since 2012. She graduated from ESCP Europe (2010) and holds a master’s degree in Business law from the University of Paris-Sud XI (2010).

She specializes in real estate investments, commercial leases and real estate development, and advises French and foreign clients.

She joined De Pardieu Brocas Maffei as an associate in 2012 and was appointed as Counsel in 2021.