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Regularly ranked among the best departments of Paris, the Firm’s Competition / Merger Control team regularly advises on competition matters before French and European courts, and regulatory bodies, on a broad scope of issues from cartels, abuse of dominant position, State aids to private enforcements.

In addition, the team has extensive experience dealing with French and European merger control, ranging from analyzing the feasibility of a transaction, to filing merger notifications and negotiating undertakings with the relevant authorities.

The team is also well versed in advising clients operating in industrial sectors where government authorities are involved, either directly or via a regulatory body, such as the energy, media, telecommunications, transport, postal services and health sectors.

In certain matters when necessary, the team relies on assistance from specialized economists and in cross-border transactions, the team works with its international law firm referral network to ensure seamless coordination with the various regulatory authorities involved.


Drawing on their cross-disciplinary skills in distribution law, the Competition and Litigation teams work side by side to support clients in dealing with the many aspects of the product and services distribution process, including their relationships with commercial partners, with competitors, services of specific administrative agencies and consumers. Their skills combined cover a complete range of issues related to pricing practices, general sales terms, product regulations and commercial practices, as well as consumer protection and implementation of a distribution network.

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LATEST RANKINGS IN EU & Competition Law - Distribution Law

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Legal 500 EMEA 2020: Media and Entertainment: Sports (Band 2) De Pardieu Brocas Maffei's competition law partner Emmanuel Durand regularly advises the French professional football and basket [...]

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